About Vin

 Vin Macri has been performing in NY since 2004 with various groups including The Great Chase, Mariko, A Face For Radio, Felix, The Royal Arms, and 4am, as well as various solo ventures.  Hailed as a front man reminiscent of Brandon Boyd and Scott Wyland, his classical musical training only enhances the quality of his work on stage and work ethic.  He is currently working on an EP for his solo project and a full length album with his band, The Great Chase, as well as composing and designing sound for various film, web, and theater projects.  Additionally, he can be found performing on keys and backup vocals for the singer/songwriter Mariko.  

Aside from his musical ventures, Vin's sidekick commentary and production work can be heard on the syndicated Dr. Joy Browne radio program M-F on over 130 radio stations internationally.  His writing has been published in various media, including Lexus Magazine, and he has graced numerous theatrical stages as an actor.