A Hint of Hedonism

Have artists become the gladiators of today’s falling Roman Empire?  

I couldn’t help noticing on my train ride into the city today 3 billboards advertising 3 completely different reality TV show music competitions. I then thought about how many music competition shows there really were out there. In the United States alone you have American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, Making the Band, Platinum Hit, Nashville Star, The Glee Project etc. I had to ask myself as a musician, looking over this seemingly endless list of shows in my head, whether I should be pleased or sickened…Read more

Thank you Elton John for saying what we’re all thinking… 


This week the legendary and infamous sir Elton John attacked reality TV and pop music, calling it “…all crap.” (Link Here)  Well, you can’t really argue with that (or a man with the middle name Hercules) now can you… Could we be living in the dark ages of entertainment? I might have to agree, at least when concerning music and television these days. I have one name for you… Justin Bieber (Click here for a video of him being booed at a Knicks game, slightly harsh but I was somewhat amused). “Baby, baby,…Read more

They Found the Zodiac Killer? 

In Minnesota?  Well, not quite, but Minnesota Astronomer Parke Kunkle decided it was time to freak out everyone who follows their daily horoscope by claiming the shift of the earth's axis has changed the zodiac calendar, and even goes so far as to introduce a new zodiac sign entirely!  Brace yourself and read on here... Zodiac Killer.

And over to the horoscopes section, you're in luck!  "I see cheap pizza in your future... but for a limited time only!  Time to take action and grab a slice!"  Or so it would…Read more

Building a Website 

 Building a Website is hard.  What will people find interesting about the website, what will keep them coming back, why did they come in the first place.  All things I'm pondering while building this website... in the meantime while I figure this out, here's a link of websites that are more completely useless than mine.  At least I've managed to surpass these...  10 completely useless websites