They Found the Zodiac Killer?

In Minnesota?  Well, not quite, but Minnesota Astronomer Parke Kunkle decided it was time to freak out everyone who follows their daily horoscope by claiming the shift of the earth's axis has changed the zodiac calendar, and even goes so far as to introduce a new zodiac sign entirely!  Brace yourself and read on here... Zodiac Killer.

And over to the horoscopes section, you're in luck!  "I see cheap pizza in your future... but for a limited time only!  Time to take action and grab a slice!"  Or so it would say if i wrote horoscopes.  Either way, you can now grab a slice of pizza in NYC for 75 cents!  Perhaps this change in the Zodiac calendar has done some good... Cheap Pizza

And to help you eat your pizza on your travels through the blessed NYC Subway lines (which just raised their prices because they're doing such a good job...) I leave you with your new furry traveling partner Furry Friend

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